Dealing with the challenge of digitization will determine, which companies can assert themselves on the market in the future. Already, digitization and its related issues are affecting many industries. In a nutshell, digitization aims to accelerate and simplify the provision of goods and services. Therefore, forward-looking business models are geared towards immediate customer benefit and the new type of customer behavior. Inextricably linked with this is a reorientation of information technology to enable the required flow of information. gravity consulting supports you on your way there.


The term digitalization is currently on everyone’s lips and has become indispensable in our daily lives. For gravity, digitalization is a development that began with the invention of the computer and continued with the private, and later commercial use of the world wide web. The speed of this transformation has increased dramatically in recent years. In addition, the social and environmental conditions have changed. Or would you have thought about renting your apartment over the weekend, refilling your laundry supplies with the push of a button, or booking a vehicle parked on the street by phone and simply returning it at your destination?


Digital Transformation

Omnipresent mobile technologies are one of the basic prerequisites for enabling digital business processes in the first place. The Internet allows local businesses to create global partner networks in no time. Easily accessible and almost infinitely scalable infrastructures in the cloud make it possible – just a few years ago unthinkable – to realize throughput times for compute-intensive processes. Almost every device is already equipped with sensors today. And the youth today grows up as “digital natives”.

We help you to identify your potential mobile user interfaces and implement them with state-of-the-art user experience. Thereby your partners will be able to access selected systems, while maintaining your security and governance standards. In these systems they can migrate data and invoice-intensive financial statements to the cloud using state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, your partners get the chance to conceptualize potential Internet of Things scenarios and map them quickly in a first prototype.

Together we will create future work scenarios and an environment that is attractive to those young talents, who advance your path of digitization.


Let’s join our expertise to design the perfect solution for your individual business requirements!

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